Co-Producing ‘The Man Who Loved Flowers’ (2023)

The Man Who Loved Flowers is a 2023 graduation film from Arts University Bournemouth directed by Sonu Thomas.

The short tells the story of a shy Indian man, Pinto, who hides his love for flowers all throughout his life due to societal pressures.

Co-produced by me alongside Shizzy Homewood, we worked to create this 2D animated short of 3 minutes. Additionally, due to our small production team I also fulfilled the roles of Video Editor, Character Designer and 2D Animator.

Used Software: Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Toon Boom Harmony, Microsoft Office and Google Suite.

Short Trailer I made for the film promotion on social media platforms.

Production Schedule

Yearly Academic & Production Calendar

Shot Tracking Table

Background List

Level 5 Hiring Process

Character List

Shot Distribution Table

Production Bible with our team's work I compiled alongside my Co-Producer Shizuka Homewood during the film's production.

Production Workbook may also be viewed through private request, go to CV & Contact for further information.

Thank you!