Project: ‘Um Amor Gigante’ (2020)

Part 2

Um Amor Gigante (A Giant Love) is an animated short produced during the 1st Year of 'Computer Animation' (MA) at the Catholic University of Porto, a partnership between myself (Director, Producer and Lead Animator) and Beatriz Oliveira (Assistant Director and Animator).

See page Project: 'Um Amor Gigante' Part 1 for the project Introduction. In this section we will see the production of the 1st half of the original story into an animated short by exploring hybrid techniques such as traditional animation, 2D, 3D and stop-motion.

Final Animation Film.

Concept-Art – Some examples of character design and background sketches explored for the film.

Character Animation Exercise 1: Protagonist Walk Cycle.

Character Animation Exercise 2: Protagonist jumping.